Tonight, I am going to write something different. When I started this blog, I had no idea how fast it would grow. So to all of my followers, I would like to thank you for all of your support. I will also include the followers outside of North America with a thank you. That is the only good news tonight.

The bad news is the Leafs right now. As it stands, there are only ten games remaining until the playoffs begin. Nearly all year long, the Leafs have been a playoff spot, but it seems that it might be gone. With only 80 points and teams creeping from behind, that spot might soon be gone. The only way this drought can end is the Leafs themselves.

Why is that? Well, you can't blame Nonis entirely for the woes right now, and Carlyle is trying to settle the boat down. But the Leafs themselves, are letting the negativity happen. Every passing day, tension increases, and my patience runs thinner and thinner.

Even with the drought hurting thier playoff chances, there are still positive signs that prove that there is still hope. 

1) The Leafs are playing with desperation

2) The power play is decent

3) The defense is scoring, the top line is slowly getting better

4) They are still in the playoffs

So no matter what happens, we can all realize that if the Leafs are to improve their position in the standings and end the slump that is hurting them, they have to fix it themselves. One final positive piece of news, the last time the Leafs were on a four game losing skid, they went on to win six straight. It happened earlier this season, after the Leafs won the Winter Classic. Hopefully this should brighten the mood. And hopefully, we are able to see more of this (below).

P.S. I miss writing about a Leafs win, even though it has only been four games since the last one. 


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