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Dion Phaneuf- The Captain everyone loves to hate.
I have been writing about the Leafs since early March of this year, and I have usually discussed games, trades, and opinions on those items. Today, however, I want to try something different. I am going to voice my opinion on the following question:
Why do people hate Dion Phaneuf so much?
As the captain of the most valuable hockey franchise on the planet (the Leafs are the 26th most valuable sports team in the world, highest NHL team and hockey team in general), Phaneuf has been given some high expectations to perform at his best every single night. In fact, some believe that Phaneuf is supposed to be this "super-human" player who never makes a mistake and is the best player to ever lace the skates. The reality is that Phaneuf has been a really good defencemen in the past and has shown signs of his potential during his time with the Leafs.

Yet, fans of the Leafs and hockey fans in general only notice the screw-ups Phaneuf ma…


This pretty much summed up July 1st.
Salutations my beautiful people! Summer has hit full stride, and I am on break for the next two months, which means, the Leafs will do little to no big moves from now until September. We have all seen how crazy the first day of free agency was, as over HALF A BILLION DOLLARS was spent on signing free agents in less than 24 hours!!! 
But what we are here for is to talk about what the Leafs have done so far. Although the Leafs have not done really huge moves, they do have an impact on the team next season and down the road. I have already discussed about William Nylander and how awesome he is, so don't go nuts about me not mentioning him!
But without further ado, lets begin!
Day 2 of Draft was "Interesting"
And by interesting, I mean it was not exciting except for one trade. To start, the Leafs drafted the following players after picking Nylander:
YearLgDraftRoundOverallPlayerAmateur Team