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Were The 80s Leafs Really That Bad?

"In looking back, I see nothing to regret and little to correct." - John C. Calhoun

Do you ever get those days where you wander through your house and find some hidden gems from the past? That happened to me earlier when I had discovered a DVD collection that had been sitting on my shelf for months and I had not opened it for quite some time. The collection was titled "Toronto Maple Leafs: 10 Great Leafs And Their Most Memorable Games," and just looking at the back of the list gave me goosebumps reflecting on past greats such as McDonald, Gilmour, Clark, and Sundin.

When looking at this this list, however, one name caught my interest and had me curious to watch. This person was none other than Ken Wregget.

The name did not sound familiar at all, in fact I had no idea who he was. It took a quick Google search to determine that Wregget was a Leaf goalie from the mid to late 1980s. I later asked my dad about Wregget, and he told me that he was the James Reimer of the …

Who Is Mikko Rantanen?

Earlier today, Juha Hiitelä of Ilta Sanomat, a Finnish newspaper, reported about a rumour that the Leafs brought Mikko Rantanen, the highest rated European player in this draft, to Toronto for an interview. According to the article, which took some time to translate into English mind you, said that the team brought Rantanen for an interview and a tour of the ACC and MasterCard Center, as well as a meet with some personnel before returning to Finland. 

While this rumour sounded intriguing to me, it brought about the question: were the Leafs doing their jobs or were they interviewing their newest player?

What Has He Done?Here are his stats, as provided by MIKKO RANTANEN
BIRTHYEAR1996-10-29BIRTHPLACENousiainen, FINAGE18NATIONFinlandPOSITIONC/WSHOOTSLHEIGHT193 cm / 6'4"WEIGHT96 kg / 212 lbsYOUTH TEAMTPSCONTRACT16/17NHL DRAFTTop Prospect eligible for the 2015 NHL Entry DraftRANKINGSRanked #19 by
Ranked #9 by ISS Hockey
Ranked #8 by Future Consid…