For this blog, you might want to listen to this song. This will be a depressing article. Sorry in advance for not writing yesterday.

The Maple Leafs lose 5-3 to the St. Louis Blues, and the losing streak has extended to six. This is no laughing matter folks, this puts the Leafs out of a playoff spot (well, not exactly). With the Leafs tied with three other teams at 80 points, the dog fight has offically begun. This is the worst possible time for this slump to occur.

I don't want to go on anymore rants right now. It is up to the team to do make the playoffs at this point. In order to make the playoffs, the Leafs need at least 92 points or more! That means 6-2-0 record would do the trick. But, the Leafs are on the bubble, so anything can happen.

Here are three reasons why the Leafs slumped hard against the Blues:

1) The SOG were 49 to 25 Blues

Wow, I mean WOW is that stat bad. But wait, it gets better. The SOG in the first period were 23 to 7. 23 TO 7! *goes in the corner crying* St. Louis was clearly ready to play (even though the Leafs scored first) and it showed up on the score sheet. The sad thing about this stat is that the previous three games have shown the Leafs out shooting their opponents by a respectable margin. This kind of game was bound to happen at some point.

2) Captain vs Captain

One captain played great, the other did not. That was the story of this game, as David Backes scored a hat trick (because why not?) and Dion Phaneuf was a minus 3 on the night. Seriously, both captains helped their teams in the worst of ways, but Phaneuf's mistakes lead to three preventable goals and another loss. If you took the brain farts out of the picture, the Leafs would have won this game 3-2.

3) First game woes for Bernier

I know it is his first game back from injury, but Bernier did not play his best game this season. He was tested far too often, let in some week goals that he could have stopped, and still kept the Leafs in the game! These kind of nights do happen to the best of the best, but it was an untimely game to have a bad night. Hopefully, Bernier will play better as time progresses.

I predicted in the pre-game blog that:
Actually, I did not predict anything.

The score board does not change from the last game: Right-2 Wrong-4.

The next two games (Flyers and Red Wings) will be the most important games the Leafs will play all season. It will be THIS WEEKEND!!! Pray to the hockey gods this week folks, see you then.

P.S. Here is a depressing song that actually makes me happy. Hopefully this helps the fans that are depressed right now!


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