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The Drawback Of Losing So Many Games

This season seems to be long over, but the Leafs just continue to tug along the home stretch. While this time may have been one where the Leafs try to make a push for a playoff spot or simply get the fans excited for spring  hockey, we are instead forced to see the team we love play out the rest of the schedule in the worst way possible. The only thing fans can look forward to at this point is the possibility of drafting a generational talent in Connor McDavid.
However, with all of these losing streaks and adversity, especially in the last week, one has to wonder: What are these losses doing to the players?

What Is The Current Situation Like? Oh boy, where do I begin? Since December 31st, the Leafs have only been able to win six out of thirty two games. SIX... OUT OF THIRTY TWO. What is worse is that since Carlyle has been fired, the Leafs offense has plummeted from second in the league to 20th. The penalty kill has been faring poorly lately, the power play can't seem to get anyt…

Why The Future Of The Leafs Is Bright

Look, I get that this season has been long lost since early January. This team has been in a downward spiral that doesn't seem to end. From the 16 game road losing streak, to the disappearance of the top line, to the Kadri situations, and all of those (or lack of) trades at the deadline, this jersey tossing season is only a few weeks away from being history.

While this season may be done, perhaps it could result in some good fortunes for the Leafs. Why? The Leafs have a chance to draft a generational talent, who is named Connor McDavid. Even if the Leafs don't pick him, they finally have a chance to draft the long awaited number one center that fans have been dying for since Sundin left town.

This potential franchise changing moment is just one of the many examples as to why I believe that good luck may finally be heading the Leafs way. Let's get things started.
McDavid? Eichel? Strome? Course? A NUMBER ONE CENTER!
What can I say? The Leafs probably picked the best season…