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And so am I! Did you miss me? Well I hope you all had an enjoyable summer filled with golf, fishing, and reminiscing on the season that could have been.

But the long five month wait is finally over, and the Leafs look... almost the same as they did on April 12. Sure, there have been some free agent signings, trades, and a complete overhaul, the core of the team is still here. Kessel, JVR, Kadri, Lupul, Phaneuf, Gardiner... Clarkson. They are all still here and just like the shortened season, there is no expectations for the Leafs to wow the hockey world.

Or is there?

What did the Leafs do during the offseason? 
Believe or not, the Leafs were fairly active during the long summer. While LA was stopping over the Rangers, Leafs Nation was in the middle of a culture overhaul. The main change is obviously the arrival of Shanahan as team president and Kyle Dubas as the assistant GM, signaling an end of an era.

No longer will you hear Carlyle commentating on how advanced stats do not affect …