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The playoffs have started, the weather outside is warm, the Blue Jays have started playing, and there is no Maple Leafs hockey. "The Dream" ended on April 12th with a 1-0 loss to the Ottawa Senators, resulting in the Leafs picking 8th overall in the 2014 NHL Draft. So as the 16 playoff contenders get their series started, the Maple Leafs are looking to "change their culture" and end the Stanely Cup drought, by first bringing in Brendan Shanahan to be the team president. It is going to be a long summer than earlier anticipated, so the management has loads of time to decide what to do to improve the Buds.

We already know that the Leafs lost 8 straight games and with a 6-14-2 record following the Olympic break, it put an end to a once promising season. But, if the Leafs were so close to playing right now not so long ago, what the heck happened? In order for me to explain it, I will take you down memory lane through all of the months. Hang on to your jerseys, it's…


The sad reality is true: the Leafs season is officially over. That means, no more games on Saturday, no more anger about a loss, no more sleepless nights waiting for the playoffs, only to find that it won't happen this year. Just relax and enjoy the summer, and watch your least favourite teams fail in the playoffs.
Oh, and the Leafs lost 1-0.
With the loss, the Leafs are now able to select 9th overall in the draft, which is good, but isn't great. However, this year seems to have a deep talent pool, headed by Aaron Ekblad and Sam Reinhart. But, that is a story for another day. Anyway, this game did surprise me as absolutely nothing exciting happened. Then I realized, "What am I supposed to expect, this game means nothing!" Time to watch the Blue Jays and Raptors!
Out of all of the three things that I predicted would occur, only one actually happened. It is unfortunate that Kessel didn't score, and that MacIntyre did not play, but it was nice to see Rielly and Gar…


I'm back! Sorry for the absence, I have been busy with work. I do know that the Leafs have missed the playoffs and hired Brendan Shanahan as team president. Unfortunately, tonight marks the end of the season for the Leafs, and it is against the Senators. (who also missed the playoffs)
Since this is a meaningless game, I don't have many expectations of how this game will go. What I do hope will happen is that the Leafs are able to end the season with a win, so that at least there is hope for next year. A loss would mean a better pick in the draft. Either way, the result of this game won't affect the standings dramatically.
Instead of the three things that will result in a win, I will list 3 events that I hope will occur:
1) Kessel scoring his 38th goal
Kessel has, once again, had a very successful season, offensively. He is just 2 points away to match his career high, and one goal will give him his best season for goals scored. It may seem like a long shot, but if he is ab…


By the way, if you haven't done so already, you should go check out Steve Dangle on YouTube. Really funny videos, and he's a cool guy. But, the picture is right, and I am sad too.The Leafs lose 4-2 to the Jets, and Elvis has left the building (our playoff hopes).

Is there anymore negative comments left in my box? No, because I have said everything that is wrong with the Leafs. Their playoff hopes are not completly killed, but I personally think that this was the dagger, and it looks very bleak down the stretch. The countdown to the season finale begins, and it will be tougher to watch, unless everyone else flatters as well.

There are only two things that made the Leafs lose last night, and they are:

1) A Forgettable second period

If there was a video that showed everything wrong with the Leafs this season, then just watch the second period in a loop. Horrible plays, bad passes, little offensive zone time, too many penalties, and a 3-2 Jets lead after 40 minutes. Nothing more,…


In a game that the fate of the Leafs playoff chances were held in the result of this intense rivalry, the Leafs were able to come out on top. Thanks to a power play goal by "Nifty Mittens" Kadri, the Leafs managed to defeated the Boston Bruins 4-3 in overtime. And for the third time in the last year, the Leafs once again gave up a third period lead. Fortunately, the last two games have seen the Leafs beat the Bruins.
As the season winds down to the final week, every single point is needed. That was what the Leafs needed to get by the time the night was done. It took extra time and some luck, but the Maple Leafs can live to fight another day. Unfortunately, Columbus did not make things any easier for the Leafs, as they managed to beat the Flyers 2-0, and keep the Leafs one point out of the playoffs. This is exactly what I mentioned earlier during the slump, "If the Leafs don't start winning soon, then it may be tough to stay in the playoffs." Our fate, sadly, l…


For the first time in almost three weeks, the Leafs finally win a game! No joke! And at the same time, end an eight game skid and put themselves within one point of the playoffs. The score: 3-2 for the Leafs, and it was against the Flames. It has been a while, but to finally write about a Leaf win is as rewarding as passing your driving test!

While we celebrate this "historic" moment, lets take a look at the bigger picture. So the Leafs now have 82 points, which keeps them in 9th in the East. Fortunately, they are only 2 points behind Detroit and 1 point behind Columbus. However, both teams have games in hand. Yes, I am more than happy that the Leafs ended the drought, but there is more work left to do in order to make the playoffs.

Here are the three reasons why the Leafs ended the 8 game drought:

1) Secondary scoring

Where or where have you been, secondary scoring? We missed you so much! The timing of this could not be any better, and it was three secondary offensive play…