No words can describe how upset I am at the Maple Leafs right now. Maybe it is Reimer, maybe it's the defense, maybe it is Carlyle. It doesn't matter, the Leafs lose (again) to the Habs 4-3. In a game with such an emotional gain with Bolland making his long awaited return to the line-up, and a desperation to win, a huge two points could not fall on the Leafs lap.

Why is this happening, right now? I do not know. Tonight, the Leafs did everything right: they took a lot of shots, killed all of their penalties, and played more desperately. But, the Leafs also gave up really frustrating goals, gave the Habs too many opportunities, and took bad penalties at the wrong time. As teams behind the Leafs are getting points and with only a few weeks until the playoffs, time is running out. The Leafs need to get out of the slump right now! If they don't, they can kiss the playoffs goodbye.

So, here are the three reason why the Leafs lost:

1) Bad penalties

When the Leafs tied the game at three, every fan had every reason to be excited. But, that excitement was short lived, since a goalie interference took away the momentum from the Leafs, and gave the Habs a chance to score. Ultimately, it lead to the GWG that crushed the Leafs. Those two penalties were the main reason that the Leafs could not score again and get within range of the top three in the Atlantic.

2) James Reimer

I'm sorry Optimums Reim fans, but I have to say it. James Reimer is not the same, and his play shows it. The team in front of him has no confidence anymore, he lets in stoppable goals, and he shows frustration. Yet, Carlyle keeps playing him. I don't know why, especially at such a crucial point in the season when teams are creeping behind. So, Reimer goes to the doghouse for a while.

3) The Fans at the ACC

Seriously guys, why were you so quiet tonight? The only time when the building came alive was when the Leafs scored, and that's about it. This is not the Leafs in 2012 that lost 11 straight home games anymore, this is a team battling for the playoffs. The fans just don't get the Leafs excited to play anymore. Please fans, show some love on Tuesday!

As I predicted in the pre-game blog:
 This will be close and have a ton of goals scored, and it will go to a shootout.
While this game was close and featured seven goals in total, it did not end in a shootout. The score count is: Right-2 Wrong-3.

The next game is tomorrow in New Jersery and this seems like the perfect place to end a drought. For now, I will go cry in the corner about tonight's game. See you tomorrow!


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