No picture tonight. Just sadness, anger, and the feeling of acceptance. The Leafs still have not won a game since my first blog ever. Even though that game was about two weeks ago, it seems like a distant memory. In this game, the score was 4-2 Flyers.

On the bright side, Columbus lost in regulation and the Raptors are going to the playoffs. There is still some hope left for the Leafs, but at this point, they need to win every single game in order to make it. The fans everywhere are losing patience, and it continues to run thin. There is only 7 games left in the season, and if the Leafs don't snap out of the slump soon, it will be a long 7 games. Poor Maple Leafs.

So, why did the Leafs lose? I am going to mention one reason this time:


That's it. Everything. The power play was 0 for 4, the Leafs killed only 2 of their 4 penalties taken, low face off percentage, the list goes on. But, there was one thing that I noticed throughout this game, and that is that every Leaf is trying to do everything themselves. Meaning, they are not passing that much. The last power play is a perfect example of this. Wayne Simmond's goal is another example of sloppy play. However, they did out shoot their opponent again, which did not lead to much. And JVR scored four seconds into the second period, which is a team and NHL record (don't quote me on that). All in all, it once again showed why the Leafs are continuing to struggle of late. By the way, the Leafs gave up the opening goal. Doesn't that get old. I have nothing else left to say about this one.

No predictions from the preview, so no changes to the scoreboard: Right-2 Wrong-4.

In 24 hours, the Leafs fate will be sealed, if tonight wasn't done already, when they face the Red Wings for the second time in 11 days. I wonder if Riddick Bowe is beating up Carlyle right now. See you tomorrow.

P.S. I lied about not including a picture. Here's one.


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