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It's Not Over Yet

The Leafs have been a very unlucky team of late. After firing Randy Carlyle in hope of igniting the players to perform better, they have since had trouble scoring. Under the realm of Peter Horachek, the Leafs currently boast a 1-5-0 record and have now had difficulty scoring goals. That was highlighted on the recent road trip through death valley where the Leafs managed to score just once.

While many fans have begun to lose hope in this season as of January 19, I am one of the few who still have faith. But I have a reason for this. It's not because the Leafs have been playing better defensively and will eventually score goals or that slumps can only last for so long.

The reason is that the slump is happening at a time where the Leafs have enough games left to make up for it.

Time? But they have always been like this year after year. There is no 

Think about this, since the 2012 season, the Leafs have performed poorly when it came to the most important months of the season. In the …