In a game that the fate of the Leafs playoff chances were held in the result of this intense rivalry, the Leafs were able to come out on top. Thanks to a power play goal by "Nifty Mittens" Kadri, the Leafs managed to defeated the Boston Bruins 4-3 in overtime. And for the third time in the last year, the Leafs once again gave up a third period lead. Fortunately, the last two games have seen the Leafs beat the Bruins.

As the season winds down to the final week, every single point is needed. That was what the Leafs needed to get by the time the night was done. It took extra time and some luck, but the Maple Leafs can live to fight another day. Unfortunately, Columbus did not make things any easier for the Leafs, as they managed to beat the Flyers 2-0, and keep the Leafs one point out of the playoffs. This is exactly what I mentioned earlier during the slump, "If the Leafs don't start winning soon, then it may be tough to stay in the playoffs." Our fate, sadly, lays in the hands of the Red Wings and the Blue Jackets. Hope for the best!

The following three reasons are what gave the Leafs 2 huge points:

1) The Goalies were outstanding

No other words needed. Bernier played one of his best games since returning from injury. And now he will may play the last four games for the Blue and White. Fortunately for Leafs Nation, Reimer stepped in and played a solid game and kept the Leafs in it. After backstopping two big penalties, the Leafs were able to ride that confidence into another win.

2) The Top Line came alive

I knew it would eventually happen, but nether the less, the Kessel, Bozak, and JVR line stepped up offensively and provided key goals to help the Leafs out. On a special note, both JVR and Bozak have set career marks on this night. JVR scored his 30th goal of the season for the first time in his career, and Bozak set a career high with 18 goals on the year. Even with those milestones, it was good to see the Top Line playing well again.

3) The second period

My, oh my. The Leafs played, perhaps, theur best period all season in that second period. Just watching them play the puck so well, out shot the Bruins, make smart passes, and controlled the play showed the Leafs at their very best. This might be a preview of what to expect from the Leafs in the not-to-distant future (as in next season and beyond) when the Leafs, hopefully, become an elite team. Yes, I may be getting ahead of myself, but those days are almost here.

No prediction for this game, since I did not write the pre game blog. The score will remain the same: Right-3 Wrong-5.

The next game will be on Saturday against the Jets. It also marks the last home game of the regular season. Hope to see you all then!

The Leafs celebrate the win.


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