By the way, if you haven't done so already, you should go check out Steve Dangle on YouTube. Really funny videos, and he's a cool guy. But, the picture is right, and I am sad too.The Leafs lose 4-2 to the Jets, and Elvis has left the building (our playoff hopes).

Is there anymore negative comments left in my box? No, because I have said everything that is wrong with the Leafs. Their playoff hopes are not completly killed, but I personally think that this was the dagger, and it looks very bleak down the stretch. The countdown to the season finale begins, and it will be tougher to watch, unless everyone else flatters as well.

There are only two things that made the Leafs lose last night, and they are:

1) A Forgettable second period

If there was a video that showed everything wrong with the Leafs this season, then just watch the second period in a loop. Horrible plays, bad passes, little offensive zone time, too many penalties, and a 3-2 Jets lead after 40 minutes. Nothing more, nothing less. The worst part about this is that the Jets are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, so they were playing for nothing. That makes this lose really tough to accept.

2) Luck

The only time luck was on our side was Kadri's gift from Pavelic. Otherwise, the hockey gods were in love with the Jets last night. Morgan Rielly made an interesting comment about the hockey gods prior to puck drop: "I don't think he is a Leaf fan." Yup, I could not agree more. The Leafs had bad luck during the slump, bad luck last night, and bad luck since the 1980s. Until the Leafs find a way to win the Stanley Cup, they won't have any luck.

No predictions, so the score remains the same. Right-3 Wrong-5.

Leafs resume play on Tuesday in Tampa Bay, and hope for a little revenge on Stamkos and his Bolts. See you then!

P.S. I just wanted to give a shout-out to a big fan of this blog! I won't mention your name, but you know who you are. Thanks again to everyone for the support!


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