Leafs Are Getting A New Look For Next Season

This is the logo for the Toronto Maple Leafs. One that has been mostly untouched since the 1970s and symbolizes a passionate fan base in a great Canadian city with a proud history of winning.

Well, after this year, it will no longer be the logo.

According to a report by jersey expert Chris Creamer, the Leafs are currently undergoing a major design change for their jersey and logo. It is said to be a "combination of the past and a nod to the future."

Here's the current jersey scheme to give you an idea of what will be no more after this season.

The timing of this move is an interesting one for sure, given that next season will be the Leafs centennial season. What is unclear, at least at this moment, is whether or not the change is for next season only or the new look going forward. Along with the new league-wide design change (as Adidas will succeed Reebok as the jersey provider), this drastic change will have some fans worried about what will change.

I, myself, am both excited and a bit nervous as to what will be revealed. Part of the excitement is the fact that this will represent a new chapter for the organization as they look to distance themselves from the dark days of both the Ballard era and the Burke "18-wheeler collapse." At the same time, the jersey and logo have not been altered in a major way since the '70s and it is very easy to mess things up.

If they fail, the team, like others before them, will once again be the butt end of a joke. Should by some miracle it comes out great, then the future will be much brighter than it currently is. Either way, the anticipation of the reveal will coincide with the possibility of drafting another top prospect.

On that note, I do suggest that the Leafs bring this look back.



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