William Nylander

Today has been an exciting day as the NHL Draft continues to excite thousands. As I am writing this, the Ducks have selected Nick Ritche, but that is not important. What is important is who the Leafs selected this year, and that is centre William Nylander.

The Stockholm, Sweden native played in the Swedish Hockey League on MODO this past season. His stats may seem poor to some (1 goal and 6 assists), but he did this playing against men in the SHL, which gives him an advantage of experiencing professional players, unlike most players drafted today. He may be remembered by many for his dominating performance in the most recent WJC, as he led the tournament with 10 assists and 16 points. He is also the son of former NHL star Michael Nylander, who scored 620 points in over 900 NHL games, covering 15 seasons. 

Leaf fans should be excited for this draft pick! So, what can Nylander do? Well, instead of me explaining, but how about these videos do the talking.

Seems amazing, right? In fact, some have already compared him to Marian Gaborik, this year's leading point producer in the playoffs, and Patrick Kane. Both Gaborik and Nylander are dynamic players who have great explosive speed, and can easily out-think the opposition. Because Nylander already has experience against older players, there is a chance that he could be in the Leafs line up come October 8th. 

How do you guys feel about this? Did the Leafs pick well? Leave your responses in the comments below!

See you all tomorrow!


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